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Circle Star Pet Resort

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(903) 469-4320

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Dog Boarding, Daycare Camp,
 Training and Grooming

Located in Beautiful East Texas

We’re Adding a new location in Tyler in the future.

Our Pet Taxi Picks Up and
Delivers Your Pet From:

Athens, Canton, Cedar Creek, Crandall, Dallas, Eustace , Forney, Gun Barrel City, Kaufman, Kemp, Kilgore, Lindale, Longview, Malakoff, Mineola, Mesquite, Palestine, Seagoville, Terrell, Tyler, Van
and Wills Point.

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Circle Star Pet Resort!


24 hour residential supervision-We live here!
Circle Star Pet Resort is located on a 100 acre working ranch
so your pet is never alone.


Each dog has its own “room” where it can enjoy the company
of other dogs through secure wire dividers, or you can select a private suite with solid walls between the dogs. Both feature climate controlled environments, complete with cozy evening lamp light and soft music.

Each dog has it's own dog door to go out whenever it likes to a private patio. Each patio is covered so dogs are safe from rain or hot sun. With this design, dogs do not have the stress of “holding it” until someone can let them out. Other facilities let dogs out sometime before they leave at 5 p.m. and dogs have to wait to relieve themselves until 8 a.m. the next morning which can be 15 hours later or more!


As opposed to large city kennels with rows of barking dogs, our program insures that each pet has a quiet, relaxed stay with lots of loving, personal attention. Dogs enjoy the peaceful views of rolling hills, trees and lakes. Circle Star Ranch is a working Cutting Horse Ranch and dogs really like being near the exciting sights and smells of horses and cattle.

It's like camp! Each dog get lots of daily exercise in one of our two huge play yards at no extra charge. Our play yard features a play set they can climb on, astro turf lawn, pools and toys. We spend time playing with your dog on the play set, in the wading pool and with the toys.

Pictures of your pet playing are posted daily on Facebook.


Every day, in addition to play time in our huge outdoor
play yard, your dog will get a second activity!
Activities include private agility lesson,
a K9 massage or a ride in  the golf cart or paddle boat!
We are an All-Inclusive Resort. Our rates are
remarkably affordable and include all amenities.

Agility instruction includes an instructor working privately with your dog on our agility equipment, just for fun! They'll learn to climb the dog walk, go across the sway bridge, wind their way through the weave poles, bound over a high jump, walk the teeter-totter and crawl through a tunnel. When you pick up your dog, you can watch what they've learned at camp  through our one-way glass!


Bring your dog or puppy to our K-9 school to become a well mannered member of your family that will be welcomed by others. Our pet trainers have over 36 years of obedience training experience with loving, positive techniques.
Many behavior issues can be resolved.


Want to keep your car clean? Consider using our Pet Taxi Service to pick up and deliver your pets. Pets are safely transported in our new, climate controlled vehicle.


Take home a clean pet! Book dog grooming on
your pet's last day of stay. Our Pet Taxi can pick up and
deliver your dog for grooming.

Mission -To ensure health and happiness in your pet's home away from home.
Core Values-The needs of our dogs and their guardians come first.
Vision Statement-to create the ultimate environment for dogs with activities that satisfy their every need and desire.

(903) 469-4320 
Email - Vicki@circlestarpetresort.com


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