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All Work and No Play?
Try Circle Star's New Doggy Day Care Camp!

Play All Day - Home by Dinner!

Free Shuttle!

Safe, Loving Fun for your dog!

Eliminate the guilt!

Bring home a happy, tired pooch!


$25.00 Day or $100.00 for 5 days

Free Shuttle Service within 30 miles of resort


Provides regular exercise to maintain a healthy weight

Relieves boredom, separation anxiety, and
destructive behavior at home

Improves socialization with dogs and people

Enhances quality of life

Days and Times:

Monday - Friday

Pick up: 7:00 am - 8:00 am

Delivery: 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm


100 acre ranch in Murchison, Texas

Huge building that protects from rain and heat.

Plenty of fresh air, mister system and giant ceiling fan


Playing ball

Guided agility course

Exciting high speed chase on a professional lure course

Loving one on one attention on giant couch
relaxing and getting belly rubs

Treats and nap


Transported in our safety crates in our Pet Taxi

2 lines of fencing for ultimate safety

Although we provide a very safe environment, if needed,
Emergency Veterinary Care is available close by

Initial Temperment Test:

Unless we are already familiar with your dog, we'll need to
do a one-time visit to make sure your pet is able to come
play with us. During the assessment, we will introduce your
dog to group slowly (one dog at a time) and watch for any
signs of aggression. If we see that your pet is aggressive or
becomes aggressive, we could not insure the safety of our
other guests. Once your dog passes a temperament test,
we will make a copy of your vaccination records and
schedule your camp dates.

Vaccination Records:

We require a copy of your pet's current:


Canine Distemper

Adenovirus Type 2


Canine Parvovirus

Bordatella Vaccination (within 6 months)

To sign up:
Call us at (903) 469-4320
Email us at