We come to your home and show you how to house break your pet quickly and easily. We will work with you and
your pet to teach them to “ring the bell” to go out. We will also teach dogs how to use a dog door, if you have one.



Housebreaking 2


  •  Cost: $199
    Plus $1/mile trip charge to and from your house</span

  • Payment plan: Payment in full is required to book the appointment.


  • Special chain house breaking leash

  • Treat pouch

  • Clicker

  • Set of poochie balls


Owner must have purchased appropriate sized collar and dog crate (described below) prior to our visit.*

* Dog crate must be big enough for the dog when it is grown but have a divider panel as an accessory, so that when the dog is young, and the divider panel is in place, there is just enough space for the puppy or dog to lay down.

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