We train your dog for you while it stays at the resort for 30 days.

All commands learned on a leash.

You can visit anytime.

At graduation, we train you on how to work with your dog.  

Training Guaranteed for the Lifetime of Your Pet! Training Guaranteed for the Lifetime of Your Pet!

This program will teach your pet to do the following on a leash:

  • Watch, which means to sit quietly at your side looking up at you, waiting for your command.

  • Walk pleasantly on a leash, neither pulling nor tripping you.

  • Automatically sit when you stop.

  • Sit and lay down promptly when asked.

  • Sit and lay down promptly when asked.

  • Stay seated or lying down, ignoring temptations.

  • Come quickly when called and sit in front of you.

Plus these new behaviors absolutely free…

  • Dogs will learn to respect people’s personal space. To approach politely and wait for someone to indicate they want to pet the dog while keeping all four feet on the ground. Not rushing up to people, jumping on them, bumping their hands to get attention or mouthing their hands and arms.
  • Dogs will learn not to bump, beg or eat food and beverages set out on the table, counter or floor or held by family and friends while they are standing and seated at your house! Dogs can still be part of the party without being a nuisance.

  • Dogs will wait to be invited through doorways, allowing you to open the door, accept a package or welcome a guest in. Then you can release your dog to politely greet your guest.
  • Dogs will wait to be invited onto furniture.

Rates for 30-Day Program

Cost: $1570

Add: $300 to stay in Luxury Lodge or $600 to stay in Ultimate Pet Haven

Payment plan: A $100 non-refundable deposit is required
to hold space.  Balance is due at check-in.

Off-Season Rates: $150 off regular prices during January, February or April

Dogs that complete this course, if registered with the American Kennel Club, should be able to start earning their Companion Dog (C.D.) Title.

Dogs, like children, need to be taught how to behave properly in order to become well-mannered members of the family and society. Our positive method of teaching is fun for dogs. Our method of training doesn’t “break their spirit or kill their will”. Learning manners only enhances the relationship between dogs and humans. Dogs with good manners are included in more activities, allowed more freedom and have more fulfilling lives.

*Providing that your dog is mentally and physically healthy at the onset of training. Sometimes, we have to be around a dog for a period of time to see anomalies.  If we discover during training, that something appears to be amiss with your dog, we will let you know as soon as possible and you can choose to end the training at that time or we can continue the training without the lifetime guarantee. Dogs are not robots and even well-trained dogs require a small amount of daily practice. Therefore you must work with your dog on obedience training according to the trainer’s directions, for a minimum of 5 minutes per day, daily after graduation. In addition, you must incorporate the non-violent respect exercises we will show you,  into your daily life. Without these, very few dogs will continue to obey your commands. Our guarantee means that if you have worked with your dog for the minimum amount of time and incorporated the respect exercises into your daily life and you later experience a problem, you may bring your dog back to Circle Star Pet Resort, by appointment, and we will work with you or your dog to polish any skills that may have become rusty at any time during your dog’s lifetime at no charge. This offer is for training by appointment only and does not include boarding or grooming.

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