Socializing sets your dog up for a lifetime of happiness
and success. Here, your dog will have the following
experiences and encounters every day for five days
so that he or she will develop a positive attitude
toward many things that often frighten dogs.

Our five-day course includes the following experiences each day:

  • Your dog will be matched with a different playmate for supervised play in our play yard.

  • Your Dog will have private instruction on the agility equipment.

  • Your dog will meet a variety of human friends including those with sunglasses, hats, wheelchairs, crutches, and tools in their hands.

  • Your dog will meet animal friends such as horses, cows and loose dogs.

  • Your dog will be introduced to the grooming table where it will be brushed and have its nails clipped and filed.

  • Your dog will receive a mock veterinary examination.


Cost: $475

Add $50 to stay in the Luxury Lodge,
or $100 to stay in the Ultimate Pet Haven.

Payment Plan: A $100 non-refundable deposit
is required to reserve space; the balance is due at check-in.

Save $25 for off-season rates during January, February or April.

Dogs get pretty messy at camp and dog grooming fee is not included.
Consider booking a dog grooming for 
your dog’s last day of stay to take home a clean pet.

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