We provide delicious sliced hot dogs as training incentives. If your pet isn’t excited about our hot dog treats or has an allergy to them, we may have to use grilled chicken, beef brisket or highly prized dog treats.

Cost: $100 Month


Dogs require 30-45 minutes of heart pounding exercise every day. Nothing makes a dog more relaxed, easier to be around and ready to learn than a dog that has expelled his pent up energy. Texas weather is often too hot or too cold to exercise outdoors. We can teach your dog to jog on a treadmill. All you have to do is stay nearby while he’s jogging. You can watch TV, read a book or use the computer while your pal is jogging.

Cost: $100 Month


Dogs love to do tricks. Most tricks take 30 days to learn. Some ideas are wave bye bye, say your prayers, bang you’re dead, open and close drawers, turn on and off light, fetch. We don’t guarantee that your dog will perform the trick you want but we will let you know early on if your dog is interested in this or not and if not, suggest another trick.

Cost: $100 Month


It’s great fun to enjoy the water with your dog. It’s also reassuring to know that your pet can swim! We can introduce your pet to swimming. Most dogs enjoy this, however, we can’t guarantee that your dog will love the water. Introduction to swimming involves using other dogs to demonstrate swimming and the trainers getting wet. We also work on dogs learning to find their way out of a pool and not jumping on or clawing human swimmers.

Cost: $100 Month


This test is officially sanctioned by the American Kennel Club.


Test Includes:

  • Accept a friendly stranger.

  • Sit politely for petting.

  • Welcome being groomed and examined.

  • Walk politely with you on a loose lead.

  • Walk politely through a crowd.

  • Sit and down on command and stay in place.

  • Come when called.

  • Behave politely around other dogs.

  • Demonstrate confidence while being left with a trusted person.

Cost: $100 for the Test


Examples of spot “fixes” are jumping on people and mouthing.

Cost: $100 an Hour

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